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The key to BI success includes following a methodology that equally focuses on 5 key areas: Justification, Selection, Implementation, Adoption and Expansion. Leverage our 20 years of experience to understand how this methodology can work for you.

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WHITE PAPER:Why You Need a Data Warehouse

In challenging times good decision-making becomes critical. The best decisions are made when all the relevant data available is taken into consideration. Read why a well-designed data warehouse is the best solution for complete, accurate and timely data.

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What They’re Saying

RapidDecision turned a two-day process to export, massage and validate data from EnterpriseOne into a 30-second, push button refresh. We have so many examples of report generation that have been condensed from days or hours into minutes or seconds."

—by Chris Sinkwitz, Director of IT, Meritage homes

Datalytics Technologies’ pre-built analytic platform, RapidDecision, has helped hundreds of customers – in a wide range of industries – access relevant, up-to-date data from their ERPs (and other data sources) in a user-friendly, consistent, consolidated format – so they can make the best decisions based on data they can trust.

Below is just a small sampling of our many customer successes.



Amway’s data warehouse only contained balances and a limited number of fields, and the global products distribution company could not drill down into the necessary details. Datalytics Technologies worked with Amway to customize their JD Edwards data warehouse using RapidDecision. The new data warehouse delivers a pre-built enterprise data warehouse that supports JD Edwards with critical features: real-time updating, lowest level drill-down, support for all modules, easily understandable formatted data, and much more – all fully operational in less than 45 days. With the new data warehouse, Amway now has faster closings, instant access to detailed and up-to-date information, measurable savings of hundreds of thousands per year.

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UTC Aerospace Systems


For UTC Aerospace Systems, writing reports on JD Edwards operational data was time-consuming, complicated and often relied on 30-day-old data. Running reports on data that resided on the JD Edwards system also resulted in substantial performance degradation of the IBM AS/400 servers. RapidDecison delivered both a data warehouse and data marts on which SAP BusinessObjects analysis tools were built. Since the data warehouse resides on Microsoft’s SQL Server, running reports no longer causes performance degradation on the JD Edwards production system. Data on which the company’s reports are based is now up-to-the-minute.

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HoMedics knew that business intelligence (BI) was the key to deliver timely information to its decision-makers. The company implemented three RapidDecision data marts, which capture changes to the financial and distribution systems within seconds – by gathering data from the log files on the ERP server. The data has been reformatted to be more useful and easier to understand for both reporting and analysis. Armed with reports based on data from the new data marts, HoMedics was able to modify outbound freight terms with several significant customers, resulting in savings far in excess of the total expenditures on RapidDecision and BI.

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Recognizing the need for a data warehouse to analyze information held across multiple JD Edwards EnterpriseOne systems, JohnsonDiversey noted that to build in-house would take several months’ work from many teams of specialists. The company decided to implement a pre-built RapidDecision data warehouse, with reports built on one data warehouse and nine data marts across JohnsonDiversey worldwide installations. The solution began delivering results to their business analysts within weeks, rather than months.

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Meritage Homes


Meritage Homes’ IT staff was being stretched to the max trying to support a reporting process that was inefficient and often inaccurate. RapidDecision delivered standardized real-time data marts for customized ad-hoc reports, saving the company days of manual work every month. The company can now trust their financial numbers – which are real-time and consistent to the dollar – and has supercharged report generation.

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